Our History

Ministry of Christ The True Vine, started when God impressed the idea in the mind of Pastor Ray Garcia during the month of October 1998. There was an inward urge to start a new Church. However, being part of an existing Church as the associate Pastor during that time, Pastor Ray did not pursue the plan. By late January or early February 1999, Pastor Ray Garcia applied for the position of Senior Pastor in his present Church. Month of April came and the Lord's answer was no. The Lord even used the leaders of the Church to terminate the position of associate Pastor. This would only mean two things. Either Pastor is being called to another Church, or God is telling him that he should start a new group--the ministry that was impressed in his heart months ago. Pastor Ray spent the month of May praying and seeking for the Lord's direction. By the end of May, the urge to start a new group was getting stronger and stronger as if all the pieces of the puzzle are already in place. On May 31, Pastor Ray invited 7 leaders to meet with him on June 2, 1999 (Wednesday) to share his vision to start a new group. During that meeting, Pastor Ray challenged the 7 leaders to join him if that is the Lord's leading for them. After four days, Pastor Ray met with the group again to ask their decision. All the 7 leaders decided 'yes' to join the new group. The names of these people are as follows: Oscar Dela Cruz, Edwin Miller, Bill Navarro, James Channel, Beth Dela Cruz, Cora Flores, and Julie Collado. These men and women became the directors of this new Church later called Ministry of Christ The True Vine. The first worship gathering service was held on June 13, 1999 (two weeks later) in the house of Edwin Miller. The attendance was about 47 people. Some people who attended were from Pastor Ray's former Church. These people decided to join the new group as well. After that week, the group started meeting at 1965 E. 21st Street in Signal Hill, California until April of 2013. In September of 2013, MCTV relocated to 5689 Paramount Blvd Ste. B in Long Beach, California and are still there at the present time. To God be the Glory!